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Mission Statement

" My Favor By Faith believes that every individual that has experienced sexual, physical or emotional abuse should have a holistic self-care support system. Our vision is to be committed to providing this system by way of support groups, teen and adult mentorship, journaling, inspirational speaking, and high school and college trainings." 
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Sexual abuse/assault
- 82 % of all victims under 18

  are female

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In 2019, a higher percentage        of female students than of            male students ages 12-18 are      bullied.

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- Child trauma occurs more than     you think. More than two-thirds of   children reported at least 1   traumatic event by age 16.

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Why is self-care
for young girls 

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"I always knew I wanted to open my own pastry business , but I didn't think I would get very far because I didn't have my high school diploma . In 2018 I graduated from the aspire program with my GED and went to Cuyahoga Community college as a culinary major. With Luciana being such a great support system
and friend who will taste and purchase my products, I
have built a good clientele.

  Ashley Walker,

- Personnel, Cleveland Clinic

Our Stories

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